About Us

Yorishiro photography produces photos that encompass our ethos to enable people to see, hear and feel the beauty of our images. This process makes them unique and a treasure to keep.

Our photographer produces artistic photos that are set out a different theme in each project undertaken. Care is taken to make sure we have our own style that shows through in the final images.

Unique Stories

Every photo comes with a certificate of autentication that details information about the image and how it was taken. You get to find out why the photographer chose this subject and why.

Eech certificate is signed by the photographer and a special stamp applied to prove it's a genuine limited print that can only come from yorishiro photography.

Secure Payments

We only use PayPal to ensure that your details are as secure as possible and use a secure SSL certificate connection on our website shop.
(See padlock in address bar)

Yorishiro is open for business. We use DPD for all orders and we will aim to advise you on your delivery as best as we can via email as long as the covid-19 restrictions are in place in the UK.