How to order with Yorishiro

Detailed Version 1.0 (14th March 2019)

How to order with Yorishiro 1

To navigate our website use the icons at the top of the page as shown below.

How to order with Yorishiro 2
  • Home (Takes you to the main page)
  • Basket (Allows you to see what items you have selected to buy)
  • Checkout (Allows you to pay for your goods and enter your address)
  • News/Help (Get help or view our current news information)
  • Privacy Policy (How we use the data you enter or use on our website)
  • Terms and Conditions (A list of how we operate and what to expect)

The “My account” icon shows the following information that you can update at any time.

Help with ordering My Account
My Account
  • Account details (You can edit your name, email, password here).
  • Orders (Views any orders you placed with us here.
  • Addresses (Add your delivery card holders address here).
  • Logout (exit our login area).

Main order screen.

Shop item
Shop item

By selecting the image or by clicking on the “Select options” button you can choose an item to look at and access further information on the product.

More information on product
More information on product

The box on the right will allow you to choose the following.

  • The size of the item.
  • The paper printing finish.

You can select a final print size from the drop down box as shown below.

Order help Size box
Size drop down box

Current final print sizes are listed below.

How to order with Yorishiro 3
Choice of final print size

  • A2 AxB
  • A3+ AxB
  • A3 AxB
  • A4 AxB

Use the “Add to basket” option to select your chosen print size and paper finish.

Order help Add to basket
Add to button

The lower part of the box will show you the following.

Order help main description and size
  • A description of the product and what project collection it is from.
  • The final printed dimensions of the product.
  • Other sizes and paper printing finishes that are available.

Order help checkout

On this page you will see any selected items you wish to purchase so they are listed together and shows the total price including shipping.

Please note the following.

  • Shipping is charged at a flat fee of £4.99 and covers all standard addresses in the UK.
  • We only send to residential or business addresses and only to the card holders address for security.
  • We do not send to PO boxes, lockers, military addresses or destinations outside of the UK.
  • Please contact us if you have special requirements via email.

How to order with Yorishiro 4
Billing and shipping

For the next page you will need to input the following.

  • Full name
  • House or Flat number/Name
  • Street name
  • Town / City
  • Full postcode
  • Email address (Required to keep you updated on delivery)
  • Phone Number (Required to help assist delivery)

The email and phone number are important as our courier needs them to assist in successful delivery of your parcel. We do not use them for any other purpose apart from order updates or we need to contact you if there is a problem with your order. If you input an incorrect email or phone number this will not help with getting your goods to you.

The box on the top right of this screen is helpful if you wish to give us or the courier instructions about your order.

Order help proceed to paypal
Proceed to Paypal

The last screen on our website is where you will proceed to PayPal to pay for your products. To proceed you must read the terms and conditions and click on the tick box to show you fully understand them.

Order help Terms and conditions
order help paypal

Please login to your PayPal account and follow the instructions on their website to complete your purchase. During this process do not use the “Forward or Back” buttons on your computers browser as this may cancel your payment.

How to order with Yorishiro 5
Do not use the browser Forward or Back buttons in PayPal

Once we receive your payment we will keep you informed on its progress using the email you provided with your tracking number once your parcel has been despatched.