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A few years ago I decided the time was right to look for an outlet for my artistic nature. I had already purchased a Nikon Camera after my father had passed away a number of years before and needed to explore the idea of producing artistic images that were different from everything else. The overriding goal wasn’t to emulate but to expand upon aspects from my own experience. Those who have impacted in my life give an insight into my own potential that I am always striving to achieve.

Yorishiro was born as a need to be different, to ditch the normal, to reject the aloofness of pro-photographers and to embrace change challenging myself every day & learning from those who have truly inspired from history.


At Yorishiro we will only print one of each image making it unique and a treasure to keep. Every print comes with a signed certificate and is stamped with our seal to prove its authenticity. You wont find our images for sale on any other website and can only be purchased here.

JAMES F PECK | Yorishiro owner and photographer

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