About us

Yorishiro produces photos that we feel encompass our ethos to enable people to see, hear and feel the beauty of our images making them unique and a treasure to keep. Starting in April 2019 we aim to bring a new look at imagery in a way that excites and interests the viewer.

Yorishiro is a small business based in Bury St Edmunds that prints it’s own photos and provides information with them as a story background to the image. Each image is unique and we only print one of each size that has its own Certificate of authenticity with our customers name on. This means you will not see another full sized print of that size anywhere else.

As we add more images to our collection projects we aim to show how our photographer’s sees the world and brings it out for you to see in our prints through collections, mini photo books and more. Keep a look out for them in and around Bury St Edmunds.

We only sell our images on this website and you wont see our prints anywhere else. Each image is printed to order and has detailed information on the size, description, and background making it a truly personalised gift. You can contact us by phone, email or in person by booking an appointment with the address details at the bottom of each page.

Yorishiro only sells in the UK at present but as we grow will continue to look at expanding into delivering to other countries in the future.

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