Image taken from the nature project. (Orientation of image is Landscape) An image showing a bright white fish bone discarded upon pebbles on the beach, waiting for the sea to claim it again.

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The nature project aims to identify a look at how we interact with our wildlife plants and trees. How do we keep these things for the future and what makes us remember what we have lost?

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Bones is just what it is…. a collection of bones on the pebbles. I have taken many photos at the coast and childhood memories are filled with the touch of stones, sand, salt water, and various washed up bits to pick and poke. I don’t often focus on the composition of a photo in this was as it seems quite alien to me.

I usually like to explore a small section or look for patterns for example, however occasionally I can’t but help myself to capture the whole and let it do it’s own explaining for a change.

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