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Image taken from the nature project.

(Orientation of image is Portrait) An image of a wooden pole with a fascinating hand written poem about the broken world and climate change to warn or inspire us all.

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Broken World ( broken ,fascinating ,nature ,poem )

The nature project aims to identify a look at how we interact with our wildlife plants and trees. How do we keep these things for the future and what makes us remember what we have lost?

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This is a poem that I found by chance and unfortunately has been removed. We dont realise that humans are so destructive, even when we are trying to be a force for good. Isn’t it time to drop those things we don’t really need and become less selfish and more in tune with nature.

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Nature is something that has inspired poets of all generations. The environment is a constant source of inspiration that has changed and challenged some of the greatest thinkers and writers of all time.

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