Image taken from the nature project.

(Orientation of image is Landscape) A central vertical focused image detailing astounding close up of a tree and the patterns spread across its crust surface from the surrounding ferns and leaves.

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Crust ( bark , tree , woodland , shadow )

The nature project aims to identify a look at how we interact with our wildlife plants and trees. How do we keep these things for the future and what makes us remember what we have lost?

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Some of the best examples of pattern and texture are on the living things in our forests and woodland areas. Texture, colour and shadows all go into making up the beauty of nature.

Explore all the minute details in this image that keeps you coming back for more!

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Photography tips
Trees which colonised the land after the last ice age and before the UK was disconnected from mainland Europe are classed as native.
Trees that have been brought to the UK by humans are known as non-native.

Here are a few tips for photographing them.

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