Grey Stone Angel


Image taken from the monochrome project.

(Orientation of image is Portrait) A central vertical focused image detailing the rough and worn stone surface of a cold stone angel in a graveyard. The light from the sunny sky is falling over the features of the head and face revealing a weathered appearance. The middle foreground is in focus while the front focus and background are blurred to eventuate the main object in the image.

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Grey Stone Angel (Angel , Grey , Stone , Cemetery )

The Monochrome project looks at our relationship with depth, light and dark, shade, focus, without the noise that colour often takes away so that the viewer can concentrate on the small aspects and objects within the frame.

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As well as a sense of calm and reverence in a graveyard you can find some intricate and amazing stonework through the ages. It does not matter what the weather is, there is always a small detail or inspiration that catches your eye.

You may not be searching for it but like an image captured from the corner of your eye it seeks you out and makes its own impact.

Explore all the minute details in this image that keeps you coming back for more!

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Photography tips
Many grave monuments are hard to read – here are a few tips for photographing them.

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