Hidden-knowledge ( Hidden-knowledge , book , imagination , knowledge , magic , mind , rock , stone , trees , wall , wood )

The Magic project aims to invoke a feeling of wonder and offers something a bit unique and different. The image may be contemporary, abstract or strange looking with new eyes at its subject matter. How do we interpret this and what does it make us feel?

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This image was taken during a holiday with my partner and I loved the idea that a photo can be more than just the subject matter. With today’s technology it’s possible to add to a photo and make the viewer see even more than before. What better way to preserve those memories for years to come, than with a photo?.

Explore all the minute details in this image that keeps you coming back for more!

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Photography tips

Capturing the scene on camera can sometimes be a bit tricky so we asked some of our keen amateur photographers to share some top tips for getting the perfect shot.

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