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I take photos…. That may seem a rather simple thing to say but it’s what I do. My artistic approach is based on looking for the different, unique, a different angle that makes what the viewer is looking at mean something to them. I don’t do many things, but basically its made up of stuff that are not interesting to me such as weddings. Wow they bore me to tears and I dislike taking images birthday parties and the run of the mill family shots. Dogs… don’t get me started on that one ! (But I do like cats) But don’t let that put you off as I do have amazing prints that are so unique that I only print one of them! Because I print in-house, I complete every order, sign every certificate and stamp every document to show its one of a kind! What I do take photos of are interesting, artistic and will last and bring joy for many years to come

If you have an idea for a photo moment that you would like me to capture then please give me a call on 07494795142 or email ihai @yorishiro.co.uk

JAMES F PECK | Yorishiro owner and photographer

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