Red fan


Image taken from the colours project.

(Orientation of image is Landscape) A square image filled with two large leafs fanning out, each covering half of the view. The deep red is strikingly bold highlighting the structure of the plants.

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Red fan (Red , plants , fan , shades , spectrum )

The colours project aims to identify compare and extract what we see all around us every day. Do we take time to look and see what is around us or do we take such a simple thing as colour for granted. With large scale consumerism many products are sold with bright colours but how often do we look for natural occurring colours? What is our relationship with bright images and how do they affect how we feel?

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When the sun is bright we often wear sunglasses to darken our view so that we can see clearly and protect our eyes. What would the world look like if we could only see shades of one colour. Would we still recognise objects and understand distance and how we interact with them? Filtering out the spectrum of life does not always give you clarity even if it makes things clearer.

Explore all the minute details in this image that keeps you coming back for more!

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