Red Poppies


Image taken from the colours project.

(Orientation of image is Landscape) A square image with a foreground image of poppies in a field bending gently in the wind.

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Red poppies ( red , poppies , field , calm , sky , stillness , tranquil )

The colours project aims to identify compare and extract what we see all around us every day. Do we take time to look and see what is around us or do we take such a simple thing as colour for granted. With large scale consumerism many products are sold with bright colours but how often do we look for natural occurring colours? What is our relationship with bright images and how do they affect how we feel?

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Every once in a while its good to relax by taking time out to be still, calm and look at the beauty of nature.

Away from the noise, dirt and smells of everyday living we soak up the chance to look at these beautiful natural flowers that carpet the fields in an amazing display of colour.

Pause, take a short break to recharge and quell the worries of the day.

Explore all the minute details in this image that keeps you coming back for more!

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More about wildflowers
Read more about wild flowers here from the Suffolk wildlife trust

Once considered a weed of arable fields, the development of intensive agricultural practices has resulted in the decline of the Common poppy (also known as ‘Corn poppy’) in the wild. This familiar, showy flower is now most likely to occur as part of intentional wildflower seeding, or as the result of the disturbance of soil containing old seed banks.

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